To: Matt Walsh. From: Your friendly, feminist.

Dear Matt Walsh,


You recently wrote an article for the Blaze, a website that I find to be very racist, sexist and lacking in intellectual knowledge or facts with it’s writing. Normally, I swipe past your writing because it only seeks to provoke frustration from me because of your complete lack of actual knowledge and the way you twist stories to fit your own agenda. But this week, you wrote one that I could not let slip by.

Because of the wide range of false information, sexism, and misrepresentation of our US military, I am going to have to break apart your article piece by piece to fully cover just how wrong you are on the NFL, gender equality and the way our current military actually works.

SO, lets start with issue number one, shall we?


#1; The female Rooney Rule.

The NFL has made a commitment to wanting to encourage every member of society to engage in the great game of football, whether that is as a viewer,a coach or an official. The Rooney rule was created in 2003 as a way to ensure that African American men were given the chance to interview for NFL job’s, because of American’s history of excluding the black community from sports. As we know today, there are sometimes more African American’s playing for a wide range of sports teams, but this rule was put in place to make even further strides on crushing past racial discrimination. To be clear on the rule, it is not said that they are required to give X amount of black men jobs, but they do need to at least interview them. Skill and experience is still the ultimate determining factor in who gets the job.

Recently, the NFL has collectively decided to apply the same rule to women. No team is required to have a woman on their team, but the NFL has decided that to make sure there is not sexist discrimination, they have to at least let them interview. Giving these women a chance to make their case for why they are just as qualified; which many teams have hired women because they believed so as well.

So to be clear; no one is forcing any team to hire a black man or a woman. They are only required to at least interview them; no special treatment or handouts.


I would like to call attention to your first piece of false information that is what I believe, rooted in your disgusting sexism.

“They said it’s about time the NFL addresses its “systematic sexism,” and they assured us that girls are very good at doing football stuff. If NFL teams had more girls involved, feminists reported, they’d be much better at winning the sports matches and getting home runs.” –

The above quote, which you say that a feminist has reported, is not cited by any actual article that was written. I have personally searched all articles over this rule and not found one that makes this claim where a women is quoted saying, “they’d be better at winning the sports matches and getting home runs.” Since you did not cite your source for this piece, something any knowledgeable or respected writer knows to do, I am going to assume you are speaking with false information as a way to push your own agenda of making women out to be unintelligent when it comes to sports. I will also assume because you did not cite a credible source, you lack knowledge and are not worth any respect as a writer.

I would also like to formally extend an invite to you, to come to Texas and challenge any woman who regularly watches football to a debate; I am most certain you would leave with your ass handed to you.

The only thing that I can conclude is that your view of women is so twisted that you truly believe men are the more intelligent of the sexes; because of this I feel very sorry for your daughter.

So, now that we have established that you are writer without any intellect or deserving of anyone’s respect, lets move to issue number two:


#2; The draft


I want to start by asking if you actually paid attention during any of your college history or American government classes? Or did you zone out in the parts that you couldn’t one day exploit for your own non-factual agenda?

It seems that you have gained enough knowledge about how computers work, because you finally included a source for an article that talks about military generals discussing the draft. But sadly, you still have missed that part where you understand contexts and actual reality, only cherry picking what you deem as “useful”.

So lets talk about the draft; (don’t worry we will take it slow since I’m assuming facts are not something you retain very well)

There have only ever been 3 drafts in American history; the Civil War, World War I and World War II. All three had a wide range of protestors; riots that resulted in death that broke out during the Civil War and even sending many to jail during World War I. However, during the war in Vietnam, over 100,000 men left the country to avoid being drafted into a war that they saw was failing fight, in which they were correct.

The American government learned not only on their own, but also from watching the European government’s failings with the draft, that it was not the governments right to force its citizens to fight in wars. Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has said, “There isn’t a chance in the world that the draft will be brought back”, as well as all the vast majority of current military experts and 70% of the US population being in complete opposition to reinstating the draft. In order to reinstate the draft, Congress has to pass a bill through both the House and the Senate, that the president must sign to be enacted. With the overwhelming majority of both Republican and Democrats opposing the draft, this bill would be impossible to pass.

So, to make sure we establish a reality in which facts only exists; America is never bringing back the draft.

But because, as I see from your article, this factual reality does not sell for conservative propaganda, we will pretend that the draft is reinstated and men and women have to serve.


Leading into issue number three, which is your view of female strength. I would like to also invite you to challenge any female UFC fighter to a match and see if your “male superiority” can keep you from getting your teeth kicked in.


#3; Women are not strong enough to serve in open combat.

Because you are one of the many uniformed Americans who believe that somehow, now that women are allowed in open combat the standards are going to drop, I will provide you with an article  that has Ranger General, Scott Miller pointing out the stupidity of believing this.

The article interviews two women who have successfully completed the U.S. Army’s Ranger School program and their male counterparts who completed with them. None of the standards for this program were lowered in order for these brave women to complete the program and in the end the men even stated that they rarely remembered that they were serving with someone of the opposite sex.

Second Lt. Zachary Hagner explained a situation that he experienced with one of the females going through the program, when trying to receive help carrying extra weight:

“I went to every single person in line, in no order,” he said. “As soon as I went to Ranger Griest … she basically took it from me,” he said of Capt. Kristen Griest.

Nine guys were like, ‘I’m too broken; I’m too tired.’ She, just as broken and tired, took it from me with almost excitement. Griest said with all the weight they had to carry, “all of a sudden the men don’t care whether you’re a female.”

These women gave absolutely everything they had to the program and came out successful. When given the opportunity, they were just as strong and sometimes even more determined than the men.

Because we’ve established that you are not great at retaining things that are factual, I will include an extra article, with statements from the Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh, saying that not only are they excited for larger pool of qualified and committed individuals to pull from, but that they will not have to lower any current standards in order to include women.

So again, I would like to invite you to come and live in the reality that currently is; Women can and currently are proving to be strong enough mentally, and physically to serve in open combat positions.

Now, you’re a spineless man with a computer who likes to degrade women, so I understand if you want to stay there. Women like this can be quiet intimidating to men like you.

You are the type of man that has the audacity to write things like this:

“The military will be absolutely flooded with egregiously unfit recruits culled from sorority houses and Justin Bieber concerts. We’ll be occupied and enslaved by the invading hordes before we even get the first group of draftees through basic training.”

Again, you are plagued by your sexist mind. You live in a reality in which all sorority girls are weak (not factual, as I currently know a sorority girl who is studying Krav Maga for fun) and that no one who attends a Justin Bieber concert is allowed to work out or want to someday fight to serve their country. I’m actually starting to wonder if we should call a mental hospital to come and fetch you? You seem to be living in a universe that could be very degrading to your daughter and other women you come in contact with.


You’re article is so riddled with propaganda and emotional fallacies that I sadly don’t think, because of time, I will have the pleasure of ripping it all to pieces. So we will have to ignore your false stats on abortion rates, claims that feminist are required to sacrifice children on an alter (seriously, someone call a mental hospital on you, your stupidity knows no bounds) or that same-sex couples are coming for our children, and I will finish with this last issue.


#4; If what your preaching is Christianity, I want nothing to do with it.

Oh, Matt. you are one of those people who make me reconsider this whole God thing. You speak of Him as if you know His character and are simply stating exactly what He thinks. You write, in your sham of a news article, “if now we are asked to sacrifice our daughters, how can we even call ourselves a nation? We are not a nation. We are a black hole. We are a decaying carcass. We are Sodom. We are even worse than all of that.”

There’s this thing that we Christians use that’s called a Bible, it’s really great. It gives us insight into God and character through the writer’s stories of their interaction with Him. You should really pick one up; but be careful, you tend to read things only looking to push you own agenda. So maybe phone a friend to read it for you?

But, as you have stated above, if we as a nation ask women to lay down their lives for others, we are like the city of Sodom in Bible. Completely sinful.

So let’s pull out that good ole book that you like tarnish with your disgraceful writing, shall we?

Turn to Judges, chapter four; there is a wonderful women I want introduce you to. (Try not to be too intimidated by her. This is a woman that God is using in a position equal to a man.)

Deborah was a prophetess, a speaker of wisdom, but when war came she led the out-numbered and badly equipped Israelite troops to a great victory. Deborah stepped up when the men would not, commanding an army and being brave enough to follow the will of the Lord when certain men were too afraid.

So apparently in your mind, you would say that what this woman was doing for the Lord was equivalent to the sin in the city of Sodom. Therefore, I wonder if you believe that God is wrong and actually sinful for when He called her to lay her life down for other’s and command an army?

I’ll leave you to have that quarrel with God later and continue on to the next astonishing woman that God uses as a warrior:

Another woman, Jael, used a tent peg and mallet to kill the opposing enemy general in this war, Sisera. She called Sisera into her tent, hid him and fed him. After he fell into exhausted sleep she drove a tent peg through the side of his head. She was hailed as a national heroine by the pursuing Israelite forces led by Deborah and Barak.

Not exactly your silent and submissive woman, huh?

But again, you think what this woman did was sinful. That by God putting her in a situation of risk, His will is again as sinful as the city of Sodom.

Finally lets talks about one of my favorite women in the bible, who is often misrepresented by people like you, Esther.

People like you, like to tell the story of Esther and often leave out the incredible danger that Esther faced by speaking up to King for the Jews and against his laws. Esther could have murdered on the spot for what she did, but God called her to it anyways. He told her to risk her life for the sake of others, and as we have stated, calling women to do this is something you consider as horrible as the city of Sodom.

As I have said before, if what you are preaching is God’s true characteristics, I want no part of this faith. While I see absolutely no logic behind your claims that men are the only ones called to serve and lay down their lives, I would like to enlighten you on what the bible ACTUALLY says about it:

“We know what real love is because Jesus gave up his life for us. So we also ought to give up our lives for our brothers and sisters. If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person? Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” – 1 John 3:16

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” – John 15:13

The entire point of the Christian faith is the grace that God showed us through sending His son, Jesus, to die for us. He was an example for us of how to live on this earth and the most honoring thing He did was died for the people he loved.

So, when you claim that you are a Christian and then write that it is a sin for women to risk their lives for the protection of other’s, I want to urge you to please either do more research on what Christianity is actually about or drop the name all together. Until either is done, you are only proving to be a disgrace to the testimony of Jesus.

If I am ever privileged to have a daughter one day, I am going to teach her about Jesus. I am going to tell her how He spoke often about not having fear, because love casts out fear. That the greatest act of love, is laying down your life for another person. That is not a command that God sees as sex based.


I want to close by saying that though I think you are a sexist and someone who refuses all knowledge and reason, you daughter is someone that I am going to be praying for daily.

I pray that she meets strong, independent women who will be an influence in her life. I pray that she will see the capacity of life and value that God can offer her as a women, not just her male friends. I pray that she will dive into the gospel and see that Jesus was the ultimate defender of gender equality. And I pray that she will soften your heart, as it is plagued by sexism and a view that somehow women are less than men in what they are able to achieve.

As for trying to save the world form “gender equality”, I’m overjoyed to say that you will not win that war. We won’t be going back to a world where women have no voice, no right to vote, are legally allowed to be raped by their husbands, or sold as property. All things that gender equality have demolished. There are too many men and women who have risked their lives in the fight for equality; something I would never assume a coward like you could understand.

As sickening and disgraceful as your “article” (can we even call it that when its the equivalent to a 13 year old kid’s writing?) was, you reminded me just how important the fight for gender equality is. That there are people who are still out there that honestly believe women are not equal to men. You are what give Feminist the passion and courage to speak out and state that we are NOT going back to the old days.

So my friend, keep writing your sorry excuse, conservative-propaganda, christianity-disgracing, articles. I hope to have a future career as a political writer, and with writing like yours, I will never be out of a job!

With love and promises to always expose your atrocious writing;

your friendly, feminist,




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