The ginger who can’t keep quiet.


“Shhhh.. You’re too loud, use your inside voice.” – Everyone i’ve ever met.

If I had a dollar for every time someone has told me that sentence above, I’d be quitting school to live out my dream of sitting in coffee shops all day, reading books.

I’m a loud person. I’m over opinionated. And I can be a bit bossy. I’m also a little over emotional about things; books, movies, poetry, nature and anything else that strikes enough of a cord in my heart to move me to tears. I’m an empathetic person to the extreme and people’s stories and passions make me come alive. I’m 100% okay with all of this. In fact, i’ve come to love these parts of myself.

I’m a 20 year old, political science major, who’s simply just trying to navigate her way through adulthood. I’ve already gained a few scraped knees and had to pick the pieces of my heart up off the floor a few times, but life is a grand adventure that I wake up excited to live most days. So I blog to remain sane and to keep pushing on.

This is my space to write the words that get lost in my mind and find themselves trapped on my lips. For the days when I’m depressed, barely able to pull myself out of bed and grieving the pain that i’ve experienced. For the days when I’m inspired uncontrollably, desperate to allow others to share in my joy and hopefully clingy to these moments. Maybe, like me, you’re also an emotional mess. If so I’m sure we will be the best of friends, but know that this blog is a safe haven for doubts, questions, depression, longing, love, dreams, opinions and loud voices.

There are no ‘inside voices’ here.

Only screams, tears, shouts of triumphs and songs of joy.

The ginger that can’t be quiet,





  1. Elizabeth K. Casey · February 2, 2016

    “Shhhh.. You’re too loud, use your inside voice.” – Everyone i’ve ever met.

    I feel like I’m reading my life story. I got the phrase, “calm down” all the time bc I apparently have a loud voice when I talk passionately on different things!
    -from another loud ginger 😉


    • andyjnks · February 2, 2016

      “Calm down” is the easiest way to actually rile me up! haha us passionate women have to stick together!


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